Collect! - Recycle! Workshop


Ledina Grammar School, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012


New school living room 

renewed by pupils, using

recycled materials.

Two week workshop.

We worked in an attic space where there was an intersection of different routes, namely the library, classrooms and a small reading room. The corridor room had a welcoming atmosphere where anything was possible. You could read something in peace, talk quietly with your friends or exhibit your school projects. The floors were wooden and warm, walls were dressed in white decorative bricks, and the doors were painted in soft yellow colour. Unfortunately the space didn't contain any interesting furniture, the piano was locked, there were empty closets and no pictures on the walls. Pupils rarely visited this room unless there was an organized lecture in the nearby classroom or when they had to get a book from the library.

The space in front of the library now has a greater purpose. The idea was to create a reading room or a study nook, which had a touch of familiarity and nostalgia. So we organized a school workshop with the collect - recycle concept. The space became “the school living room”. The transformation happened in several stages, in which students had to participate. In the first phase pupils collected and evaluated the old furniture. Then in the second phase they  renovated, re-designed it on their own and proposed the furniture’s arrangement in the space. The process was supervised by our practice.



Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project date: 2011
Completion date: 2012

Area: 78 m2

Type: educational/student workshop

Client: Ledina Grammar School


Project team/supervisors: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Krec, Tina Rome

Collaborators/pupils: Jaka Korla, Klara Jager, Lara Mastnak, Neza Arbi, Ales Arbi, Valentina Vrhovec, Jaka Mandic, Ines Hribljan, Klemen Cemazar, Sasa Ulcar, Jure Cesen, Matej Krnc, Katja Ulcar, Vanessa Majdancevic, Gloria Belopavlovic

Donated fabric: Studio Domicil

Photos: Ana Kreč