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Corridor of memories

Permanent school exhibition of significant historical events at Poljane Grammar School

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016

School corridor.

Commemoration of 

important historical school events.

Spatial frames.

Unconscious learning.

Small permanent exhibition, located in the connecting corridor together with the school library and history classroom, is meant to commemorate important people, namely the school principals, teachers and writers together with the significant historical events that took place at Poljane Grammar School in Ljubljana, Slovenia from its establishment in 1899 until today.


The graphic design is a collage of digitized old photographs, various new illustrations and short text positioned behind the glazing, framed with the three-dimensional black steel frames that can also display a small statue if necessary. The idea comes from the 9 Frames Hall project that uses the same sort of spatial device for setting up exhibitions in the main entry hall of the same school building.


With this exhibition we are bringing the rich, 117-year-old history of Poljane Grammar School closer to its pupils, who will on their way to the library and other classrooms, unconsciously learn something new about their school building and the people who shaped its legacy.





Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project date: 2016
Completion date: 2016

Type: educational

Material: coloured steel frames, glass, printed foil

Client: Poljane Grammar School


Authors: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč; Illustrations and graphic design: Milanka Fabjančič

Photographs: Milanka Fabjančič

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