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Renovation of changing rooms at Poljane Grammar School

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2022

Compact program, placed one above the other in four cubes, forming a crossroad.

The changing rooms in front of the two gyms did not offer optimal functionality in terms of the needs and number of users. The premises were transitory, overcrowded and did not offer the privacy needed for changing rooms. In addition, it was necessary to provide an evacuation corridor from the inner atrium to the outer sports field.


One of the starting points of the design concept was the preservation of the original symmetry of the space. As a result, the new program is compact, placed one above the other in four cubes, forming a crossroad. This solved the problem of fire exit and passability, that is now clear and unobstructed. By moving the entrance to the small gym to the middle of the room, its accessibility increases - both for users as sports equipment.


The division of space is clear and simple. In smaller cubicles, near the exit to the outdoor playground, there are amenities and shower spaces. On the other side, next to the entrance from the inner atrium, there are two separate wardrobes in the mezzanine above the sports equipment storage and place for teacher's work desk.

The lack of floor area was thus solved by utilizing the height of the room and installing the program one above the other, using up all the available height space.


The metal structure of the mezzanine is suspended from the load-bearing walls and existing columns. The enclosure of the cubes is self-supporting, suspended from the ceiling and made of perforated sheet metal on metal frames. The mezzanine envelope is a folding door that allows the storage areas to be accessed from all sides.




Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project date: 2015
Completion date: 2022

Area: 91 m2

Type: educational, public

Client: Poljane Grammar School

Photography: Matevž Paternoster


Project team: svet vmes, d.o.o.: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kreč, Ana Kosi, Mateja Železnik, Jakub Chojna, Ana Križaj

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