Dotted Square

Scheme design proposal for the new school and hostel connecting path, Forestry and Wood Processing School, Postojna, Slovenia, 2013


Connecting two existing buildings with one square.

Circle as a repetitive, urban, element in the park.


Dotted square creates a new link between the existing buildings of the student dormitory and the Forestry & Wood processing school in Postojna, Slovenia. The basic building module of the square is a circle, which can serve as a table, chair, shading element, urban light, cylinder for sitting, wooden platform or simply a graphic element on the asphalt surface. Dotted square is divided into three main parts, namely: the grass platform with urban furniture, wooden terraces which represent transition from one height level to another, where you can sit and relax with your friends, and the upper part of the square, where the terrain slowly rises from the street level to the main entrance of the student dormitory. The asphalt ramp also provides unhindered access to school for disabled people and allows equal socialization and interaction among all students and random visitors.




Location: Postojna, Slovenia

Project date: 2013
Completion date: -

Area: 636 m2

Type: public/school park, square

Client: Forestry and Wood processing School Postojna (SGLŠ)


Project team: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Krec, Ognen Arsov