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Dotted Square II

Scheme design proposal for the new entry square in front of Youth hostel Proteus

Postojna, Slovenia, 2014

New main entrance for Youth Hostel Proteus.

Circle as a repetitive, urban, element in the park.

Dotted square No. 2 is a continuation of the landscape renovation project around the Youth Hostel Proteus in Postojna, Slovenia. The existing facade will be renewed together with the main entrance of the hostel, which is degraded and does not allow access for disabled people. The main entrance has no real connection with the park in front of it, which was severely damaged by freezing rain earlier in this year. The basic building module of the square and the new entrance to the hostel is a circle, which occurs as an urban element in the shape of a lamp, a cylinder for sitting, a table or a chair. Between the circles runs a path which leads from school park to the main entry. It encourages sitting, socializing of students, teachers and random visitors.




Location: Postojna, Slovenia

Project date: 2014
Completion date: -

Area: 326 m2

Type: public/school park, square

Client: Forestry and Wood processing School Postojna (SGLŠ)


Project team: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč, Žiga Rošer

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