Ledina School Playground

Renovation of the exterior school playground, Ledina Primary School

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2015


School playground and multipurpose sports area placed in the old, 'garden city' of Ljubljana.




Multipurpose school playground lies in the city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia, on the crossroads of Komenskega and Kotnikova Street on the western side of Ledina Primary School. North edge of the playground is completely closed with a tall neighboring building of Ledina Shopping Center, whereas southern side opens up towards the street. Here the playground is bordered by wrought iron fence on stone pedestal, which allows views towards the inner garden and therefore continues the idea of the so called "garden city". With the exception of two tree lines, one along the street and one along the emergency access beside Ledina Shopping Center, there are practically no green surfaces on the school playground. Before school starts in the morning, playground is used as a short term car park for parents who drop off children at school. As a consequence, the asphalt surface of the football and basketball court is worn out and damaged in several places.


The new design divides the playground into three parts: sports ground, playground area, and space in front of the school as a multipurpose platform where exceptionally cars can still enter. In the area of sports ground we propose three overlapping playgrounds (for basketball, football and handball), bleachers and a polygon for body weight exercises. In the playground area, which is intended for the youngest pupils, we designed a complex polygon for climbing, crawling and sliding in the shade of giant maple trees, and an area for school garden. When the multipurpose platform in front of the school is free of cars, it can be used as playground, running track for warming up, outdoor classroom or additional sitting area.


The plant material is limited to trees and shrubs. Selection of trees is based on tree species that already grow on the playground (maples). The southern part of the playground will be thickly planted with shrubs. The purpose is to create a sense of mysterious diversity and green ambiance in the playground. The selected shrubs are all well suited for playgrounds, they have interesting and fragrant blooms, are edible, suitable for hiding and interesting in all seasons.




Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project date: 2015
Completion date: -

Area: 1.708 m2

Type: public/multipurpose school playground

Client: Ledina Grammar School


Project team: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč, Žiga Rošer, Ognen Arsov

Landscape architecture: Nejc Florjanc