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'In between'

Research art project within the 'ADAPT-r Framework' travelling exhibition

Aarhus, Denmark, 2015


Spatial device.

Evocative space.

Positive - negative.

‘ADAPT-r Framework’ is a travelling exhibition that intends to communicate Creative Practice Research across Europe. It will visit the 7 Universities of the ADAPT-r partnership, and some key Institutions in the professional and cultural scene. The Conference in Aarhus in September 2015 (Making Research - Research Making) will be its starting point. It will then continue in cities like Ljubljana, Tallinn, Glasgow, Barcelona, Brussels, London  (ADAPT-r partners), Paris and Rome. The Exhibition Proposal tackles two main questions:


  • What knowledge and insights do Creative Practitioners produce?

  • What do these research projects share, beyond their singularities, as a common framework?  

The given context for our artifact is a generic cardboard box with no particular identity, diversity or element of surprise - the content, usually provided by its user. The box defines a clear border between inside and outside space. It can be perceived as an empty, uninhabited building with no program. Space within the box is still waiting for an intervention, the so called "spatial device", the new within old-the added within the existing-that will change this generic enclosed space into a very particular, unique and evocative place with its own identity.


A well known phrase "Think outside the box" is used to create a contradictory state, encouraging the user to rethink the content. With this intervention, the box is not only a carrier of a message but a unique place, where particular "in-between spaces" are formed - areas between the new spatial device and the existing border of the given context. Precisely these are the main point of interest in our design practice and my research, since they trigger spatial sensitivity among people and challenge their day to day behavioral patterns. These are the "worlds in-between".




Dimension: 33 x 25 x 6 cm
Material: cardboard, plywood
Technique: water jet cutter

Auhors: Ana Kreč, Jure Hrovat


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