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New Aarhus School of Architecture 

International Open Design Competition for The New Creative District and School of Architecture  - 1st stage

Aarhus, Denmark, 2016

Aarhus' new artistic and cultural city district.

Architecture school as a

silent educator.

The New Aarhus School of Architecture is going to represent a large and significant portion of the new “Aarhus K” quartier which will promote creativity, art and culture. Instead of giving each and every individual institution within the “Aarhus K” its own striking identity, we’re proposing a strong, common visual image and an overall quartier identity that will exploit its large scale and stand out from its surrounding built tissue.


Flexible and dynamic QR code inspired urban layout that allows many future add-ons and moderations, will put “Aarhus K quartier” and The New School of Architecture onto a world architecture map, side by side to other city icons, like The Aros Museum, Aarhus City Hall, Dokk1 Library and Iceberg housing. To kindly provoke the all-white exterior image of the Iceberg housing, we’re proposing the all-black brick QRtier. Black is the color of architects and creative people – a perfect canvas for artistic creations; brick is a local material which can be placed in various innovative patterns for students to learn from or add their own.


To truly “walk the talk” and ground The New School of Architecture in the values and teaching methods AAA people believe in, we propose to use the new school building “as a silent educator”. We will exploit the newly built physical space and use it in the overall educating process by involving students and encouraging them to observe, explore and learn from their own environment where they’ll spent most of their architecture studies.


To stimulate students’ curiosity and to make them spatially more aware we would continue with the QR code concept and disseminate them around the school building. By using your smart phone, you will be able to read the structure and the section of the load bearing walls, understand the installations that are passing above your head, you will know from which material your working desk is made of, where it comes from, how much it costs, etc. The main central hall will also have a QR code black boxy furniture, composed of many different materials which will expose students to various tactile experiences in their daily routine.




Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Project date: 2016

Site area: 25.510 m2

Building area: 13.590 m2

Total floor area: 42.500 m2 (AA 13.000 m2)

Type: educational, residential, public

Source: International Open Design Competition

Client: Danish Building and Property Agency, Aarhus School of Architecture

Authors: Jure Hrovat, mia; Ana Kosi, mia; Ana Kreč, mia; Žiga Rošer, mia;

Collaborators: students Monika Rus, Sara Škarica, Barbara Žunković

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