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Rotating Wall 

Renovation of the Law Tax offices

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2015

8 spatial scenarios.

1 rotating projection wall.

2 sliding transparent acoustic walls.

3 opaque curtains.






The renewed office space will serve for meetings with clients, for managerial meetings,  lectures, educational workshops and parties on special occasions. Well designed office space  is critical to creating a good impression and confidence in the law firm. In order to be functional, the space needs to serve the above listed scenarios and requires a large degree of spatial flexibility and general versatility.


Following the specifics of the brief, we have developed a concept, which we named 4 : 1. The concept utilizes three flexible elements inserted in a hollowed out space to form four smaller, more intimate ambiances or one large space that can support larger events, lectures or receptions. The three flexible elements necessary for the transformation are two folding glass walls and one rotatable wall. These three elements create four different ambiances: reception area with cloakroom, hallway with waiting room, small meeting room and larger meeting room. In the second configuration the glass walls retract into the thick wall and the rotatable wall rotates to double as a projector screen as well as a divide between the backstage and the hall, creating a proper orthogonal lecture hall.




Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project date: 2014
Completion date: 2015

Area: 150 m2

Type: commercial/office

Client: CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz Law tax

Project team: SVET VMES, d.o.o.: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč, Ognen Arsov

Photographer: Matevž Paternoster


2nd prize for the Office Interior at the ARHIOF 2017 - Office of the Future Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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