SVET VMES was founded in 2010 as a non-formal collective of architects from Ljubljana, Slovenia with an urge to question, explore and expose the potential of left over, ‘in-between’ space within educational and public buildings. By shifting between observation and action, SVET VMES analyses the existing dilapidated interior and exterior ‘in-between’ areas, to locate the sore points and to remediate, heal and transform them into places of events, potential, comfort, interaction, negotiation, delight and seclusion, inventing a new kind of 'loaded' interstitial typology. Interventions of various scales allow us to instigate and explore new 'in-between' behaviors, encourage spatial sensitivity and emergence among people whilst challenging their daily patterns and existing social reality. 

SVET VMES has in the last few years continuously modified and transformed into a research design practice, whose work is locally and internationally recognized, published and awarded. The office is led by two founding partners, architects Jure Hrovat and Ana Kreč who is currently a practice - based PhD candidate at KU Leuven, Department of Architecture, Campus Sint Lucas Brussels in Belgium whilst teaching at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture. 

They have been lecturers or guest critics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Tsinghua University in Beijing, Hunan University, China, KU Leuven, Sint Lucas School of Architecture, Ghent, Belgium, University of Westminster in London, UK, NTNU, Trondheim School of Architecture and Fine Arts, Norway, BAU Design College in Barcelona, TU Wien, IUAV in Venice, Italy and TU Berlin.


Jure Hrovat, M.Arch

Ana Kreč, M. Arch

current design team

Ana Križaj, M.Arch; Katja Paternoster, M.Arch; Tjaša Koglot, M.Arch;

Students: Marko Kavčič; Sebastjan Oblak; Neža Brankovič, Ema Hrabrič