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An old homestead renovation, scheme design

Rečica pri Savinji, Slovenia, 2014

Amoeba-shaped service core in the center of an old homestead.






Built in the late 19th century, this former inn represents a building type of a larger guesthouse, which is frequently found in Štajerska region, Slovenia. Like most buildings of this type, the ground floor plan was divided by a wide central corridor. It served as a connecting element between kitchen, pantry and eating/dinning  spaces. The stairways connected the upper floor, where the owners’ living quarters were,  with the staff sleeping spaces in the attic. Since the closing of the inn the building has served as a residential building without a public program. The most obvious change was the relocation of the main entrance, which was shifted to the back of the house (previously a service entrance). The stone portal entrance that opens to the road has lost its function. The building has not been continuously inhabited.

The new design provides an amoeba-shaped service core  in the centre of the building, which with its shape adapts to the existing structure and function (service spaces) and forms habitable "bays". Over time the service core can be simply adapted  to the changed wishes or scenarios. The "amoeba" divides the building into two basic parts: the service areas (bathroom, pantry, utility, etc.), located in the heart of the building and freeing up as much space as possible, and the living spaces (living room, kitchen/dining room, work space, etc.) The living spaces occupy the space between the service core and the outer walls of the building. The "amoeba" itself becomes a space divider between two parts of the floor,  that the middle-aged couple can occupy and navigate freely.



Location: Rečica pri Savinji, Slovenia

Project date: 2014
Completion date: -

Area: 184 m2

Type: residential

Client: private

Project team: SVET VMES, d.o.o.: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč, Žiga Rošer

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