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Brick Amphitheatre

Proposal for the new public platform in front of Rogaška Slatina School Center

Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia, 2015

Outdoor brick platform for resting, sitting, performing, reading, interacting.

Park in front of the Rogaska Slatina School Center represents the pupils ”hang out” area before and after lessons and during the school breaks. Attractive southwest-northeast orientation allows appropriate insulation during winter months while high trees with large crowns offer protection from the summer sun. Unfortunate positioning of the parking spaces in front of the school visually disconnects the park from the school entrance. Additionally, the existing worn out and dull urban equipment doesn’t attract pupils to gather there and interact.


The proposed renovation introduces a new brick amphitheater - an outdoor extension of the school premises, where the school can organize outdoor lessons, creative workshops and various informal meetings. Amphitheater functions as an external school courtyard, where in addition to informal gatherings formal events can be held, for example welcoming event for new students, the conclusion of the school year, handing over the school keys, etc.


The project preserves all the existing trees, which are the main quality in the school park. In the area of the main entrance to the school building, the amphitheater extends over three previous parking spaces, which will be replaced at another location. With this move, the amphitheater becomes more visible and attractive for students, inviting them to use it frequently and interact with each other.




Location: Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia

Project date: 2015
Completion date: -

Area: 295 m2

Type: public/educational/public space

Client: Rogaška Slatina School Centre


Project team: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč, Žiga Rošer​​

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