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Ivan Cankar Boarding School

Scheme design proposal for the renovation of interior common spaces, Building B

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2015

Boarding school as a gallery.

XL furniture as a piece of art.

Ivan Cankar Boarding School is located near the city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the neighborhood of Poljane. There are many educational institutions and sports facilities in its surroundings used by students and by local residents. The complex consists of three buildings (A, B, C) with different but complementary programs.


The first phase of our conceptual design includes a comprehensive renovation of the common areas in the building B, built in 1980. Common areas are located on the ground floor of the student home, while all the student rooms occupy the upper floors. Open plan of the ground floor allows distinctive views of the green surroundings, whereas the upper floors and student rooms are oriented towards the Ljubljana castle and the old town.


When designing the concept for the renovation of the building B, we derived from the rich cultural history of the student home. The idea was to create a clear and unique identity of the institution and include the possibility of displaying the artworks, created by talented students, who reside in the boarding school. Building B was therefore transformed into a large, open and fluid GALLERY, where students and staff live and work.

The gallery space is divided into two parts:

- GALLERY WALLS, which serve as a blank white canvas for permanent or temporary exhibitions;
- OBJECTS IN THE GALLERY or "art pieces" that are part of a "permanent exhibition". Each of those objects has a particular function that establishes a specific program in the influential area around it. Implanted objects will challenge day to day behavioral patterns of students and staff. Different unforeseen activities will intertwine around them and generate unique atmosphere of the boarding school.




Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project date: 2015
Completion date: -

Area: 2596 m2 (building B)

Type: educational

Client: Ivan Cankar Boarding School


Project team: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč, Marko Kavčič, Jaka Verbič, Viktorija Žavbi​

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