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Primary School MS

Scheme design proposal for the renovation of chosen interior common spaces

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013

Vertical 'in between'

space as a 'lively helix'.

Milan Sustarsic Elementary School was constructed in 1980. The building is designed as a long lamella with a central hallway. Classrooms and offices are located along both sides of the hallway. In the centre of the otherwise rigid lamella there is a programme and ambiental “heart” of the school where the changing rooms, library, dining hall, multipurpose room, info point and gallery are located. We designed a long-term vision for the renovation of all common areas of the school. These “in between spaces” will be renovated gradually, in four smaller, but comprehensive stages.

The school central stairway is the connecting element of all common areas and all levels of the school. The spiral shape of the stairway means it has a number of different spatial situation, light condition and programme requirements. The new design of the stairway makes use of its diverse, interesting helix design and newly defines the way from its beginning to end. There are different thematic nooks or points along the stairway; they are connected with everyday school life.


In addition to the helix the school “living room” also has a special role. Its location and programme represents the new heart or focal point of school activities. It is designed for the children. Its design is flexible and enables that a number of different activities; it can be a place where children play or rest. The room can be used as an informal classroom intended for doing homework, waiting for parents etc. It can be also transformed into a school stage.

The conceptual design of the new hallway structure led us to introduce a new element – a colonnade. The element is placed in the plane of the existing walls which are 50 cm deep. The colonnade brings a new spatial dimension and creates the “in between space” which invites the children to explore it, use it and hang out in it . The hallway is given a new dynamic – spatial as well as programme. What is today an empty and uninteresting space is transformed in a space where children play, socialise and relax.

With the new design of the school dining hall we wish to bring forth that a school dining hall can be much more than just a cold, institution-like cafeteria without a soul and identity. The school dining hall should become a modern ambient where children feel comfortable and relaxed.




Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project date: 2013
Completion date: Phase 1: 2015

Area: 962 m2

Type: educational

Client: Milan Šuštaršič Primary School


Project team: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč​

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