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Open Anonymous Architectural Competition for the new extension of NG Health Centre

Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 2017

Through its typology and organization of various healthcare activities, new Home of Health stimulates a healthy and active way of life. 

The design of the new Health Centre in Nova Gorica follows the idea of ​​an independent, monolithic building, free-standing on a public mezzanine which is stretching over the entire surface of the building plot, rising from the existing green area in the north, to a public plaza on +1 level in the south, connecting Health Center phase I and III. With the chosen typology, we avoid the construction of yet another extension in a series of health care facilities and form a monolithic building positioned in the center of the building plot, surrounded with a screen of existing, high lamella structures that follow the urban lines of Rejceva, Cankarjeva and Gradnikove Brigade Street. The interior of the urban block which is completely freed of all stagnant and movable car traffic, except for the eastern drop off, delivery and parking located in the basement floors, is intended for pedestrians, cyclists, residents and random visitors of the residential neighborhood who can enjoy various leisure, sport and additional health care activities.

With the ground floor connecting the phases I and III, we created a pedestal of Mediterranean character where five transient green atriums of diverse ambients develop a health care center that follows the vision of an open, transient, airy, bright, green and accessible health home with relaxed atmosphere where sunlight, shades and aromas of Mediterranean vegetation, act beneficially and positively on both, patients and employees.

The roof of the ground floor pedestal is public and walk-on. It is partly shaded with canopies of tall trees that grow in the nearby atriums. On the south side, the mezzanine links the HC building phase I and III, where you can drink a cup of coffee, meet other employees, have an outdoor yoga exercise and organize various public or private workshops. Here both employees and random visitors can meet and interact.

​From the mezzanine there are views to the atriums and interconnected corridors at the ground floor. Additionally, the northern part of the roof is designed as a sports area with small bumps positioned on a ramp falling towards the northern side of the residential area, covered with a soft thick layer of red tartan that becomes an urban public, sports area, a pump track, a picnic spot under tall trees, a large playground, a lounging area, where various groups can socialize, organize sports activities in the neighborhood, etc.

Therefore, The New Health Center is not merely a hermetic institution where people with poor health are treated (curative care) but an open and positive Home of Health, that through its image, typology, architecture and organization of various public healthcare activities, stimulates a healthy and active way of life (preventive healthcare).


Location: Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Project date: 2017

Site area: 7.798 m2

Building area: 1.430 m2

Total floor area: 10.077 m2

Type: office/health

Client: Nova Gorica Health Center

Authors: SVET VMES, d.o.o: Jure Hrovat, mia; Ana Kreč, mia; Žiga Rošer, mia; Students: Jure Sajovic, Matic Pantar

Traffic design: Sergej Destovnik

Award: 3rd prize 

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