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Rethinking the 'in-between'

ADAPT-r Spring Student Workshop, Faculty of Architecture, 1st year, International MA

KU Leuven, Campus Sint Lucas Ghent, Belgium

Movie: #900m2 of frustration 

Authors: Gonzalo Marques, Charlotte Hallier, Jacopo Moret, Iacopo Testi, Beatriz Dioz Guerra, Davide Agostini

An old cloister, now architecture school in Ghent, Belgium.

6 'in-between' locations.

6 yellow tape art interventions.

4-day Intensive Student Workshop exposed the importance of ‘in-between' spaces within educational buildings. It focused on mini, ad hoc, spatial tape art interventions that have the potential to trigger not only spatial but also small social change. Students worked on six different sites within an old cloister building of Sint Lucas Architecture School in Ghent, highlighted on the map above. Whilst working with the main school entrance, the inner school atrium, the main vertical communications and the hidden corridors, they tackled several important questions: 


  • How can they by creating various spatial tape art interventions make the ‘in-between’ space more visible, so that it becomes hierarchically as important as the formal part (classrooms, workshops, etc.) of the school?

  • Can they through their interventions, seed the new ‘in-between’ behaviors among students and staff members? 

  • Can they trigger greater awareness of these interstitial spaces among school users?

  • Can their installations ignite potential new interior or exterior projects?


Workshop date: 21st - 24th of March 2016

Type: educational, art installation, workshop

Material: 5, 10 cm yellow duct tape

Photographs: Dimitrios Triantafyllou, Gonzalo Marques


Tutor: Ana Kreč, ADAPT-r Research Fellow, Department of Architecture, Sint Lucas Campus Brussels, KU Leuven

Participating students: Alexandra Ungurean, Ana Ponce, Ander Delgado, Beatriz Dioz Guerra, Charlotte Hallier, Davide Agostini, Didong Chen, Dimitrios Triantafyllou, Francesca Cremona, Gonzalo Marques, Guillaume Servoise, Holly Pender, Iacopo Testi, Ilana Razbash, Jacopo Moret, Jessica Daniela Ribeiro Pinto, Kamila Zareba, Konstantinos Tatsis, Laura Permentier, Linh Nguyen, Maier Mugica, Manuel Fernandez Catalina, Margot Scheyving, Maria Basterra Garcia, Miquel Hernandez, Monica Cardoso, Ngoc Mai, Patricia Otero, Prisca Ohiwerei, Sanja Djurdjevic, Sofie Standaert, Sophie Nieuwbourg, Tereza Mirska, Tommaso Antonicelli, Ursula Mendo, Vaagard Nyaas, Weronika Widenska


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