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School Station

Proposal for a new parent/pupil waiting area at Pirniče Primary School

Medvode, Slovenia, 2014

Station for rest, interaction, play, dreaming and school work. Parents and children waiting area.



School station design is conceptually derived from an orthogonal wooden block, which is cut into a dynamic and functional shape. The station is situated in the central hall at the main school entrance at Pirnice Elementary School and consists of three components. The first one is a table at which parents can sit and wait for their children or meet the teachers; the second part is designed for informal gatherings; the third part is dedicated to the pupils on duty, which are present in the hall throughout the school year. One special feature of the school station is, that it is intended for both parents and pupils. Interesting spatial structure invites children to play, raised platform provides a good view of the whole hall, table and wooden bench can be used for writing homework, soft pads are intended for comfortable sitting.




Location: Medvode, Slovenia

Project date: 2014
Completion date: -

Area: 18 m2

Type: educational

Client: Pirniče Primary School


Project team: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč

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