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Svetlarna studio

Renovation of the lighting design offices

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017

A hybrid working space, comprised out of lights expo, light hub for LED testing, meeting area and working space.





New office space for a young lighting design company - Svetlarna - from Ljubljana, Slovenia is designed as a hybrid of “lights expo” surrounded with curtains for showing the latest products, “light hub” for various LED testing, meeting area for smaller and larger groups, lecture room and working space with the capacity for 6 - 8 lighting designers.

The studio is, apart from working tables, made from affordable materials, like the Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and polyurethane foam covered with polyurea coating, which protects against water and UV light with the capacity to cover any complex shape, cut out of polyurethane foam. A collage of unusual indoor materials, textures and liners like: rough but warm OSB, pointy but soft, velvet-like polyurethane foam with polyurea coating, semi-transparent curtains, smooth, reflex mirror surfaces positioned at the both ends of the office to optically prolong the interior and an abundance of greenery on both sides of the glass facade that filters the eastern and southern sun, creates an ambiance of unusual but warm and pleasant ambiance, where employees and random visitors alike feel well.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project date: 2017

Completion date: -

Area: 90 m2

Type: office

Client: Svetlarna, Light in motion, Ltd.


Project team: SVET VMES, d.o.o.: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kreč, Žiga Rošer, Marko Kavčič

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